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My first weekend acting as the recruiting assistant for So Cal Insanity in 2014.

I’ve been involved in softball for a bit and have spent more than a summer’s worth of time talking to softball coaches. I can regrettably tell you that I’ve talked to coaches for hours (she’ll know who I am talking about) even after telling them we didn’t have what they needed on our team. Making those connections is fun and inevitably I will run across a player I think is worth reaching out about. Whether it’s a team I am involved with or not, I see talent everywhere. Those relationships can be beneficial to us both. I love the game, I love to see it grow, and I love for young women to have a opportunities to play college softball regardless of their circumstances.

I made Softball Bound for players to be able to build those relationships on their own. We curate all of the contact information for that reason. Going forward I am going to have a static page for college coach updates and will likely change the way I do update announcements moving forward. The website is getting traffic and it’s important for players and parents to know what college coaches think, say, and feel about the sport. I will reserve the blog portion of the site to posting their interviews and their thoughts.

I have reached out to a couple of my friends and if they find the time during their busy recruiting schedule to write or talk to me, I will be sharing it. I have created a public document capturing the questions others have said they’d like to ask these coaches and I would expect this list to grow as time moves on. Feel free to add to the list if you’d like and coaches feel free to send me an email if you’re interested in talking or writing something up for the Softball Bound student athlete.

Thanks to all our Softball Bound customers,

Ryan Taylor

4 thoughts on “College Softball Coach Interviews and Blogging

    • Ryan Post authorReply

      It’s been added to the list and that is a great question.

  1. Gil Beaule Reply

    Wouldn’t recruiting be easier for everyone (colleges & players) if colleges listed the positions & year of verbals they have already filled?

    That way they wouldn’t receive tons of unnecessary emails, calls etc. Also, players aren’t spending time & energy where the spot is already filled?
    You don’t keep applying for a job once it’s listed as filled, right?!

    • Ryan Post authorReply

      That’s such a great point. I’d love to ask that question.

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