Save a softball player from the heat 🔥

When I was a kid, I played baseball as much as kids do now — tournament baseball with six games in a weekend. Summers in Arkansas was torture with the heat during the day and again at night when the mosquitoes would make you think it was raining as you … Read more

Contacting Softball Coaches for your daughter

I love working for Softball Bound and appreciate the feedback we get from our customers. As an example, one of our customers recently told us he had no idea how we stayed on top of the coach updates but we often beat the NFCA coaching updates. Information is very wrong … Read more

When kids have kids… who play softball

20 years difference Hannah was born in 1997, I was born in 1977. I was almost 20 years old when she was born. I was still playing baseball in “semi” pro (more like amateur) leagues thinking I was good enough to play at some level. I wasn’t but my love … Read more

Softball player and team profile templates

When attending college softball showcases you will need to have a team profile sheet, and each player should have a player profile sheet. Look, I don’t know that college coaches care, they just want to see everyone on one page so they can reference. They want to be able to … Read more

Your checklist for softball showcases

My daughter played travel softball at a high level and I remember being very excited when I heard we were going to be playing in college showcases. These showcases are talked about as a place where college coaches stand around with scholarship offers in their hand, waiting to pounce on … Read more

What to include in your softball skills video

Anna Welsh is the new head softball coach at Arizona Christian University, an NAIA school in, of course, Arizona. I recently sent an email out to all of the NCAA and NAIA coaches to see if they would be interested in talking to me about some of the questions our … Read more

Which positions are recruited first in college softball

Coach question from the Softball Bound community. What positions are hardest to recruit? What positions do you go after first? Pitcher & Catchers are the hardest to recruit for me because of the specific skill set needed. I try to lock down my pitchers and shortstops first and then build … Read more

Burn the Ships Documentary on Hulu

Women’s pro softball has spent decades fighting for survival. The world’s best players must choose between their livelihood and their dreams. Burn the Ships is the story of one woman and her team who refuse to let those dreams slip away. 🎥 🍿 Sign up for a Hulu trial to … Read more

college softball position recruiting questionnaire

Softball Bound, an app for athletes who want to play softball in college, has curated a series of questions received from our community. Please take the time to help educate these young ladies and their parents by answering the questions below in the form provided. The question this week: What … Read more

College Softball Coach Interviews and Blogging

I’ve been involved in softball for a bit and have spent more than a summer’s worth of time talking to softball coaches. I can regrettably tell you that I’ve talked to coaches for hours (she’ll know who I am talking about) even after telling them we didn’t have what they … Read more